We Bought A Sink! (And Other Small Steps in the Bus Conversion)

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You know that feeling when you’re so excited about a new project that any bit of progress seems like the most exciting thing that ever happened?

kohler cast iron sink

Look at that! Isn’t she beautiful?  (I know, I know. It’s just a sink, right?)

Right, yes. It’s just a sink. A new cast iron Kohler sink, at that, that we got for a fifth of its price from the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Maple Shade, New Jersey!

Ian and I are pretty big on thrifting and we plan to complete this bus project spending as little as possible using things like re-purposed wood, used items, and stuff we build with our own hands (I admit, mostly by his hands). We’ll be thrifting, dumpster-diving, and deal hunting until this project is through!

After browsing the Restore for a while and picking up pieces of wood for Ian’s future projects (only 20 bucks for a ton of wood), discussing the functionality of old cabinetry versus building our own, and making snarky comments about old pink shell-shaped bathroom sinks- we saw it!

It was perfect! The right depth, the right width, the right material. It didn’t take long for Ian to convince me that this was the right one for the project.

We walked out of that door super excited. Ian was thinking about the things he could create with all of this wood and how great this sink would function in our tiny space. All that my mind was thinking was that we had just bought a thing. For our bus. For our home. I quickly turned to him and exclaimed “We just bought a &%#*@ sink!”

He laughed at me, but I know someone out there understands where I’m coming from! You have to get excited about the little things! Every purchase, every creation, every little thing that we accomplish is another step toward building this life together. A life full of intention, kindness, creative expression, openness, compassion, and adventure. The life I have been attempting for years. I was good at dreaming about it and planning for it, but I didn’t know how to realize it fully until someone came along who knew how to take my dreams and build them into rigid, structured things.

Speaking of building, Ian figured out what to do with that wood we picked up! He surprised me with a wonderful gift- a hand bound, cedar covered journal.  It was small and simple, perfect for my obsessive list making and every day scribbles.

hand-bound cedar journal

I shared a photo of it and people immediately began expressing interest. He’s working on a few custom orders now and a few more to put up on Etsy which I can’t wait to share with you. We’re hoping this could be another way to make some money while living life on the road.

It’s exciting how things start coming together when you open yourself up to new ideas and opportunities. Send enough positive energy out into the universe and eventually it will return the favor in a big way.

Until next time!

Be kind and live purposely.

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