Bringing Home Baby! (When Baby Is A 36 Foot Steel Box)

We finally brought home the bus today! It’s a bit surreal looking out of the kitchen window and seeing it in the driveway.

For a few months, working on this bus was something we were going to do. We worked on floor plans, we picked out most of the appliances and hardware, and we even know what colors we’re going to paint it. But, they were all just plans… we couldn’t actually do anything!

But today, the bus has traveled to its new home! There were a few hiccups like going to pick it up last night and finding out that the headlights don’t work, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a broken dimmer switch and it will be fixed as soon as we can get the part.

It drives like a dream and Ian did a great job maneuvering for the first time through tight streets. I realized a few blocks away that it was around time that schools let out. We felt super cool mixing in with a sea of actual school buses.

 Skoolie LifeInternational School BusInternational Skoolie

So, now we can start doing everything… soon. Right now, we’re knee deep in preparation for this weekend’s craft fair.

Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Bookbinding

Ian has been working on these awesome handbound journals that are coming out so beautifully. We had our first big sale yesterday and they were just as excited as we were about how freaking awesome they look! By next week, we’ll have them listed up on our Etsy shop just in time for the holidays.

Wish us luck this weekend! We’re hoping the journals do well!

Until next time!

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit


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