First Times and Great Times (Days You’ll Never Forget)

Our first craft fair experience was awesome!

We worked so hard to prepare ourselves for the day- hoping we had enough books, hoping they were good enough, and hoping people would be interested!

We sold our first sketchbook before our table was even set up. And it didn’t end there… everyone who passed by had something super awesome to say about them. It felt so amazing to be recognized for the amount of hard work that we put into this.


The day itself was a lot of fun. While most people would be annoyed that  they were stationed right next to the band, Ian and I had a blast. We danced, we sang, and I’m pretty good at getting people to join in on my good time. We had pleasant conversations with customers, got to talk about our bus and plans, and even got a few custom orders.

bookbinding_craftfair bookbinding_craftfair craftfair_bookbinding

After all of that work, we totally needed a vacation. We took a few days off and relaxed (and by relaxed I mean we did research in the whole bookbinding game). We threw an awesome Halloween party. Beer pong on the bus? Yes, please!

Skoolie Conversion Halloween_hippies

Once that was over, it was back in the game! We picked up a few new supplies and got to work! Ian has been working on new stitching techniques and he’s really kicking butt with it.

bookbindingbookbinding bookbinding

They just keep getting better and better! I am SO proud and so excited to see what’s to come! You can find these journals and more on our Etsy shop. For any custom order ideas, feel free to  e-mail us!

Thank you again for all of your support! Until next time!

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit


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