Unpleasant Surprises and Future Plans (But We Finally Started Some Bus Work!)

I was getting a little upset not being able to do any work on the bus. We’ve definitely been kept busy with our journals and, well- life!

I have a horrible condition that I inherited from my mother- restlessness. Spending too many days cooped up with working or doing the same thing repeatedly makes for a very unhappy Bandito. So, I was getting pretty down and settling into laziness.

One afternoon while Ian was in the shop, I decided I was going to get to work! I began ripping up the oak floors that were put in by the previous owner. We went back and forth with this idea for a while. Standing in the middle of the bus, Ian’s head just brushes the ceiling. After taking a closer look, he realized that the oak boards were placed right on top of the bus’s original rubber matting and plywood. So out they went!


I worked for a long time and the more I ripped out, the harder it got for me to breathe. The musty smell was pretty rough. After pulling up the paper and rubber padding, it was clear to me what the issue was. The plywood floors were soaked through and I’m pretty sure there are some mold issues!


It’s not anything I’m majorly concerned about- the plywood will come out, the floors will be gone. We’ll scrub out the bus and then replace everything. Easy. We checked the insulation in the side and ceiling and that appears to be good, so really- it’s a manageable situation. Not too worried (except about my current asthma issues, but I’ll live!).

We had to use the angle grinder to get rid of the rail at the front passenger side of the bus which opened up the area to the door. I love it! Next, we have to get rid of the rubber matting on the steps and build in an extra step to help me and my old lady knees get up and down! The door will also be replaced by a nice wooden front door. I’m super excited about that.


While I was talking about my plans for a color scheme (I’m thinking light wood siding, white curtains, white ceiling, bold color accents), Ian’s mother told me to hold a moment and went running off. She returned with a huge roll of a dense white fabric and said we could use it for the new curtains in the bus! Whaaat! (Thank you again for that!!!) She offered to teach me how to sew them so that I could do them all myself.

Ian and I have been incredibly fortunate since we started with this plan. While there have been many setbacks, some of them our own fault, there have also been some incredible opportunities. When we have a need for something, we put it out there. Almost every time, the universe responds and surprises us with a generous gift. We are blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and enthusiastic friends and family. We could not have done this without you. So, thank you!!

Until next time,

Be KIND and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit


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