New Year, New Adventures!

And new look! What do you think?

So much has happened since I last posted, it’s tough figuring out where to start…


We had our second successful craft fair! It’s super exciting when everyone who passes has nothing but awesome things to say about your product. We made a bunch of sales and got some info on some upcoming events. So keep your eyes peeled on where to come and see us!

I absolutely love New York City at Christmas. I was so excited that Ian agreed to take a train ride up with me just to walk around! We had the necessary New York pizza and walked for hours through the crowds to see the gorgeous window displays and Rockefeller decorations. It was my first time seeing Grand Central Station. We both had to take a few minutes to just stand in there and take it all in. What a breathtaking building. We even took the wooden (this excited the woodworker) escalators through all 9 or so floors of Macy’s just because we couldn’t believe there really were that many.



The floors and plywood are gone from the bus! Ian worked really hard to get it done since I worked a bunch this holiday season (gotta love retail!) and I’m so excited to be at the point where we can begin repairs and BUILDING. That’s right- we can finally begin to build our home!


There are a lot of changes to come, too. More on that in future posts: the bus’s new home, new products for our shop, and new plans!


Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit



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