Updates on the Endeavor!

Boy, oh boy. Working on this bus has been quite the experience already.

Originally, we brought the bus to our house. We figured we could get the massive amount of work done even quicker if it were nearby. Why did I believe it was going to be that easy? Neighbors complained, cops showed up… Endeavor was apparently too ugly for anyone to want to lay eyes on.


I think it’s got character ❤

That’s when we moved the bus about fifteen minutes away and parked it outside of Ian’s workshop. It would be even easier if all of the tools were right there, right?? (C’mon, Steph? Haven’t you learned?)

No. Again came the cops, this time with bright orange ‘junk ordinance’ whatever whatever stickers. UGH. They gave us three days to move it. Thankfully, Ian’s dad came out and saw them or it probably would have been towed away somewhere.

So, we brought it home again until we could figure out some permanent storage solution.

That same day, the cops were back. Someone called and complained that we had it parked in the street! They saw that it was on our property and registered and said that everything was okay. We went about, a little annoyed, but laughing it off. Why were people so quickly bothered by this?

We found a place to store it and moved it.

Later that same day… this arrives!


I WAS FURIOUS! I’ve been calling to get this sorted out, but I still haven’t been able to get hold of someone who will actually help me. I keep getting forwarded to the lady who wrote this and she won’t return my calls.

No warning…no stickers, no letters… straight to a court summons?! C’mon, New Jersey. Are you being serious?

Our bus is now being kept in RV storage on an air force base. We can only go when Ian’s father is available to get us onto the base, but it’s somewhere no one is going to give us any crap. His family has been so amazing and supportive.

We were dropped off yesterday with our supplies to get what we could done on the bus and, in a few short hours, we finished everything we had set out to do! It was neat working in a giant, quiet parking lot with no one around. A warm breeze was blowing through the bus, the sun began to shine through the rain. It was so amazingly peaceful. Every now and again, we got to watch some cool aircraft go flying overhead.

We started by blowing out all of the rust dust and debris. Gave the bus a quick cleaning.

I placed more insulation in the walls before we sheath them in. Ian’s dad helped me put tarps over the escape hatches in the roof which are both leaking. When we got there, one corner of the floor was actually flooded.

I used a wool brush and rust dissolver to clear the holes in the floor that Ian then sealed up with sheet metal. His parents stopped by with some extra supplies and helped out a ton with the sheet metal and cleaning out more debris. (Did I mention how friggen awesome they are?)

It was an unseasonably warm day (62 in January? I’ll take it) and we were able to get a lot done without bulky coats. Even with short bursts of rain, it was perfect. We came home and wrote up a repair schedule to list what we want to accomplish on our one day a week working on Endeavor. I suddenly feel so much better about this whole thing.

Even with the setbacks, we won’t give up. Our timeline may have had to be pushed back, but the work will get done and we will have our little home on the road before ya know it.


I miss you already, Endeavor!

Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely

Bowtie and the Bandit


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