A Little More About Our Project…

This is how we met and how this whole dream came about!

Ian and I met while both working for a crazy large corporation.

Four days a week I would wake up at 1:45 in the morning, hurry to get ready, and drive an hour and a half to work on my feet for 10-11 hours doing the most mind-numbing and sometimes pointless feeling work ever. We were told repeatedly that our work was super important and then instantly reminded that we were just a number in a system. We were replaceable and told that if we didn’t make our ridiculous goals, they had no issues kicking us out the door and bringing in the next fool.

That said, it was good money and the easiest I’d ever made that salary. But how long can you stand to work hard for a company that doesn’t care about you before you start to feel like you’re really wasting your time?

We quickly bonded over this complaint, as coworkers typically do. The more we talked, the more we realized that we had a lot of the same dreams and ideals.

We knew we wanted to work for ourselves. Who doesn’t, right? There’s something about putting in hard work and putting something that you created out into the world.

Ian talked about his woodworking and I remember his disappointed look when he talked about how he wished he could do it for a living. My immediate response- why can’t you? What’s stopping you?

My dream was to travel, so for the last eight years I did everything I had to do to make that a reality. I couldn’t imagine someone having such an immense passion for something and not following through. I had created a blog and an idea for solo travel across the US, couch surfing and volunteering with WorkAway. I was just working here to save up the money before taking off.

We both wanted to live simpler lives. Why did we have to go into major debt to get a college degree to probably not get a job in a field we didn’t really want to study in the first place? Why did we have to work 40+ hours a week to pay rent/mortgage on a home we hardly got to spend time in? We wanted to live debt free. We wanted the freedom to go where we wanted whenever we wanted and do what we wanted exactly when we wanted to do it. No obligations, debts, responsibilities that would hold us back.

We both wanted to build our own home. I started talking about my idea to build myself a tiny home for my cat, my dog, and I. One that I could pull around on my travels. He shared that this was also a dream of his- to build his own home with his own hands- and we shared ideas on design and function.

Shortly after we got together, we actually passed real ideas back and forth and settled on a school bus. We could drive it around wherever we wanted to travel to. It had plenty of room for us to live and didn’t require building permits and all that.

We want to help others. I shared my desire to volunteer and help others and Ian immediately jumped on board. In the early discussions about our blog, we knew we wanted to use it to showcase different volunteer opportunities that we took part in across the country.

We wanted to spread art, hope, and all around kindness. We want to remind people that we are all in this together. We all fail if we don’t start helping each other up when we fall. There’s no way this world as we know it can survive if we don’t begin to work together.

So, our plans for bowtieandthebandit.com:

  • Showcase ways to live a simpler life
  • Inspiration and advice for following your true dreams
  • Travel ideas- on a budget!
  • Showcase local volunteer opportunities
  • Showcase local artists and small businesses
  • Connect with other artists or all around good humans and write a little something about their work
  • Whatever else we want!


So, this is what you have to look forward to! Of course, any ideas or recommendations are ALWAYS welcomed. Leave them in a comment on here or feel free to email us directly at bowtieandthebandit@gmail.com .

If you feel the desire to help us out but aren’t sure how and you’re not interested in any of our Etsy projects, you are welcome to leave a small donation here.

We thank you in advance for ANYTHING- advice, donations, kind words, etc. You’re all amazing and we’re so honored that you’re along on this journey with us.

Until next time,

Be Kind and Live Purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit






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