Concerning ‘The Struggle Bus’…

Our trips to the bus have been mostly short and sweet with the cold of winter settling in. We were blessed with some amazing weather again last weekend and we even got to work in just tees and jeans! We cleaned up and set in the floor framing.


We’ve been throwing around ideas for our bus for a while. We follow a lot of fellow skoolie converters and get inspired by their ideas constantly so our floor plan is ever changing. We know these are the few main components that we need to work for us:

  • Bed (Queen- enough for us and fur babies)
  • Potty
  • Shower (We’re actually debating this one now…)
  • Kitchen
  • Table (that seconds as guest bed and storage)
  • Wood Burning Stove (maybe.)
  • Indoor (desk/craft area) and Outdoor work space (woodworking table)
  • LOTS of storage
  • Garden of sorts (herbs, veggies, beans)

I want the inside to be bright and airy. We’ve chosen not to cover any of the windows to allow for as much light as possible to come inside. A nice, bright turquoise paint will cover the panels between and just above the windows. The ceiling will be a flat white. Walls, furniture, and floor will be a light wood.

interior’s room decorator is so much fun.

Something like that… keep the accents bright and bold. I love color!

For the exterior, we were thinking something along these lines:


Not sure which direction to go in, but we know that we want two blues for the body and an orange for the roof, door, and wheel wells.

In the kitchen area we’ll have a two burner butane stove, our sink and a hand pump instead of having to worry about an electric water pump, and hopefully a small fridge.

We really like this one.

In the seating area, a booth style eating place where we can lower the table top and lay back one seat to create a guest sleeping space. Opposite will be storage and a wood burning stove for heat.

Desk space is absolutely necessary for us- a place to bind books and fold a crap ton of paper. Lots of storage for all of the little tools that go along with the trade.


We have actually decided against a shower. Campgrounds usually offer showers or we can at least take a sort of sponge bath in between if we must.

Enclosed composting toilet outside of the bedroom to be used mostly when it’s an emergency (No one really wants to be cleaning that out).

Our bed will have to second as a ton of storage. Toward the interior of the bus, it will be storage for clothes and small things. I’d like a small pull out bedside tabletop for breakfast or coffee in bed. Toward the rear, accessed only by the rear emergency door, will be storage for wood and power tools to be used in the outdoor work space.

These are just ideas that we’re still throwing around! Finishing the floor tomorrow and then taping off where we would like everything to go. I’ll have more for you soon!

Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit




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