Practicing for Bus Life…Going Unplugged in the Shop


Knowing that we’re only going to have solar panels on the bus, we knew we were going to have to make some changes. As a woodworker, Ian uses a lot of power tools to make his job a little easier. Doing this on the move would no doubt require more power than our panels will provide. He decided that he would rather run an unplugged wood shop while we’re on the road.

In order to prepare for this and see how much he’ll actually be able to get done, he’s already started the process in his wood shop at home.


He ran around in excitement one night and laid out all of the tools he wants to take on the bus. Then he set himself up a new work bench using only those tools.

He watched videos on Youtube to find some new tips and tricks and even built himself some of the tools he was missing. He amazes me sometimes.

A few days later, he found he was being MORE productive in the shop without having to set up and take down different machinery.

I joined him in the shop one day to work on a project of my own.

Holy crap. That is some hard work. The photos you don’t see are me laughing hysterically at how incredibly difficult this hand drill thing was for me (He has corrected me and told me that it is a ‘brace and bit’) …or photos of how I could barely move my arms once all of the holes were complete. Props to this guy.

He’s also been working on a neat project for the township of Laurel Springs, NJ- the site of our very first craft fair! After seeing our journals and talking to us more about our work, they asked us to do something different. Crystal Springs Park was a place where Walt Whitman would frequent. He wrote a few essays that talked about the park’s landscape and it provides the town with a really cool written history of their area. They asked us to carve these quotes into boards to go into their new boardwalk park. So cool!

He’s been working really hard, carving all of these boards by hand. They look awesome and I can’t wait to see the project all finished up!


Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit




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