A Short Hike on the AT!


It was a two hour drive up to Vernon, NJ. So worth it.

This section of the Appalachian Trail through northern Jersey is absolutely gorgeous!  From the lot, one side of the trail led you up toward the mountains. We chose to explore around in the trees at the base.


Across the road, the other side of the trail led you straight through a grazing field! Have I told you that my second favorite animal is a cow?! I was beyond excited!

We hiked for a while across train tracks, well maintained boardwalk trails and along the banks of a river.

For years, it’s been a dream of mine to hike the Appalachian Trail. This is the second chance I’ve gotten over the years to hike along those white blazes. Something about it makes my heart sing! I wish we would have come across any thru hikers so I could ask them about their journeys! One exciting bit- Ian fell in love with the trail and now wants to hike it with me one day!

Until next time

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit



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