The Boardwalk Project


For the last few months, Ian has been working really hard on a cool project for the township of Laurel Springs, NJ.Crystal Springs Park in Laurel Springs, NJ is a charming park surrounding a natural spring with a beautiful landscape and winding river. The township built a boardwalk trail through the damp woods and added wooden benches to make it easier to enjoy the views.

Walt Whitman spent time at a farm nearby and described the landscape in a number of essays. Crystal Spring was a place he loved to wander, sitting ‘in solitude with nature’.

Laurel Springs is the town where Ian and I participated in our very first craft fair. Our early journals were a hit with the patrons and township officials took notice. They ordered two custom books for township employees and then came back to us with a really interesting idea.

They had a list of quotes from Walt Whitman’s essays that highlight the town and describe the beauty of the area. They asked Ian and I if we could somehow burn or carve the quotes into their boardwalk planks. How cool is that?! We agreed immediately and Ian set to work.

Each letter is hand-carved into the planks. There are about a thousand of them. It’s hard work, but he’s so excited that his work will be enjoyed for years to come. His hard work adds a bit of history to the park, tying together different moments in time and both enjoying the same beautiful views.

We are so excited about this project and can’t wait to see it finished. On Saturday, June 4th Laurel Springs is throwing WaltFest in the park to celebrate Walt Whitman’s birthday.


Come by and check it out!

Until Next Time,

Be kind and live purposely

Bowtie and the Bandit



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