We Have Returned!


Life gets busy sometimes! Here’s what we’ve been up to…Well, most importantly…. we got married!

A pirate theme. A beautiful, sunny day. Amazing food, amazing friends, and hours in the pool… what else could you ask for, really? We had a small backyard ceremony and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Everything was perfect and everyone who chipped in to make this vision become a reality were so amazingly awesome! Thanks again!

Because we’re a bunch of nerds, we decided to take a few days to honeymoon in Washington DC!


We had a ton of fun. We hit every free museum we could fit in – Air and Space Museum, National Zoo, Museum of Natural History (where we got to meet up with another full time RV family!), Museum of American History, and the Native American Museum! It was so much fun despite the heat and humidity.


Since we’ve been home, we’ve been working. Trying to get the Etsy shop stocked and updated. We’ve been doing a lot of custom work for some awesome people and we are so excited about it! We were asked to make a hand carved sign for the new antique/vintage/handmade collective that we both work for. We’re even working on a few collaborative projects with other artists which is exactly what we’ve been wanting to do from the beginning!


We also managed to get a little bit of bus work finished. We were shopping around at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for a dresser to turn into our kitchen area on the bus and were pretty unsuccessful. We found one that we loved but we wanted to sleep on the price. Don’t you know…on the drive home, I spotted a dresser on the side of the road that had the SAME SETUP we were looking for!! It’s not exactly the look we’re going for… but it was free! And, ya know, that kind of makes up for it. haha We will figure out how to make it pretty. All I know is- Woot! Ktichen sink! We took some of the trash picked wood flooring we found a while ago to make the counter top and I finally got to put in my sink!! I’ve been so excited about this Kohler sink find from the beginning haha! It was our very first bus purchase…

So, thank you guys for being awesome and supporting us. I promise not to leave you in the dark for this long again!! Be prepared for some cool new projects and new trips. Working on a post now to show step-by-step how we make our books in our unplugged shop! Should be fun!


Until next time…

Be kind and live puposely

Bowtie and the Bandit


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