Be A Tourist In Your Hometown

I’ve lived in Philadelphia for a majority of my 29 years and taken the train downtown a million times to roam around. When my family came to visit after two years of being away, we knew we had to try something new and exciting!

You should always look for something new to do in your city. Regardless of how many times you’ve explored it, there is always something new to learn. Search the internet. Utilize sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, or apps like Meetups and Roadtrippers. We found something called Big City Hunt, a scavenger hunt where your group forms one team and competes with other teams of strangers. You create a group name, take a team photo, and issue jobs to each team member that they participate in through a series of text messages with links to challenges.

We started at city hall and were sent off on a hunt for historical sites, works of art, and even grave sites.  I was the group photographer and every few minutes, I was texted a link to a new photo challenge- take a picture of the group pretending there is an earthquake, take a video of the group getting two strangers to do the wave with them, etc. It was hilarious and awesome. HOWEVER, if you are doing these challenges…take the photo on your phone and upload them! I took the pictures through the app and it didn’t save any of them! Which is a shame… because they were freaking hilarious.

We learned some cool new facts, walked to some places we probably wouldn’t have before, and had a really good time working together to navigate and figure things out. We also made top score on the leaderboard that day…just sayin’.

So, go out there…find a new activity! Try Big City Hunts and act like a crazy fool in your own city! You won’t regret it! …. Unless you don’t take the photos through your phone. :,-(

Until Next Time,

Be kind and live purposely,

Bowtie and the Bandit


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