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12 Handmade Gifts for a Book Lover

12 unique and handmade gifts for the book lover on your list.


We love books and we love handmade (too obvious?). With the holiday season upon us, it was only a matter of time before we put together a list of some of our favorite handmade gift items for book lovers. -swoon-

If you’re looking for a unique gift for that bookworm in your life, this list is an excellent place to get started!

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Some of these links below are affiliate links which means, at absolutely no extra cost to you, we will get a small percentage in commission from your purchase that will help keep this blog running. Please note: we will never post a gift that isn’t handmade and awesome (I thoroughly screen every one)!



  1. A personalized ‘from the personal library of’ stamp – PaperPeachShop, Carmel, IN

    Let’s start off on the practical side. If you own a lot of books and you gush about them regularly, people are going to want to borrow them. So who wouldn’t love a personalized book stamp to remind their friends that – yeah, you ‘totally forgot to give that back’. Get it from the PaperPeachShop here.



2. A beautiful and practical wooden page spreader – WoodaCooda, Golden, Canada

Now that I know these are a thing, I NEED ONE. There are some books out there that are a complete pain in the butt to hold open. Get this gorgeous solid wood page spreader from WoodaCooda.



3. A book lover’s ultimate coffee mug – TinyZenCo, Woodbridge, UK

I don’t know about you but, when I sit down to read, I need a cup of coffee or tea…or something warm to snuggle in with. Get this perfect mug here!



4. A comfy pillow made just for a book lover – HeartmyMugs, Indianapolis, IN

Speaking of snuggling in…c’mon. this pillow is hilarious! Get the pillow cover here from HeartmyMugs.



5. A reading nook scented candle – FromThePage, Valley Stream, NY

Why not set the mood with a candle? This one will fill the room with the warm and romantic scents of bergamot, coriander, vanilla, and amber. I need it. Good thing I can get it here from FromThePage.



6. A late night reader’s book mark – ThirtySixDesign, North Haverhill, NH

In case they get too snuggly with the pillow, candle, and cup of tea- here’s the perfect bookmark to mark their place! Get it from ThirtySixDesign.



7. A loud and proud bookworm T-shirt – NewVintageEmbroidery, Lake Leelanau, MI

Bookworms are generally incredibly proud of their literary prowess. The next few gifts will help them show off! This super soft embroidered tee shirt is available from NewVintageEmbroidery.

Don’t think we forgot you, guys!



8. A bookworm embroidered patch – LiteraryEmporium, Frome, UK

If they like big books and they cannot lie, they need this patch to tell everyone about it! Hurry- get it from LiteraryEmporium!



9. The book nerd tote bag – sayitwithpizzazz, St. Catharine’s, Canada

They’re going to need a tote to carry around those big books that they love so much! I’m a big fan of this adorable bag from sayitwithpizzazz.



10. A coffee tumbler for book lovers on the go – MiaBelleBoutique, Gilbert, AZ

As I said before- having a beverage is important when you’re traveling through other worlds, so here’s a cup for the bookworm on the go! Get it from MiaBelleBoutique.



11. A book lover’s necklace – XanneFran, Schenectady, NY

This sterling silver necklace is gorgeous. And it was hand sculpted, poured, and molded by XanneFran.



12. Book quote wall art – infiniteANDdarling, North Yorks, UK

Every bookworm will agree. There’s nothing like losing yourself in another world for a little while. Get this beautiful print here from infiniteANDdarling.


13. A book journal.

It’s always nice to keep track of the books you’ve read this year or to write down what really struck you from one particular read. A book journal is an excellent gift for a bookworm. Get this one here in our shop.


I hope this list points you in the direction of the perfect gift for your bibliophile. It’s a really awesome thing to support a small business and gift an item with a real story. Remember – when you buy handmade, you buy something that was made from care and passion.

Have a great holiday season, all!

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit




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