12 Handmade Gifts for Woodworkers


12 unique and handmade gifts for the woodworker on your list.

I never really understood woodworking or carpentry until I met my husband. I knew that I bought a ‘wooden’ bookcase at Target and slapped it together to hold my giant book collection – to me, I was totally a woodworker.

But there is an incredible amount of detail and passion and dedication that our woodworkers put into their craft and I think it deserves some celebrating! So here’s a list of some awesome, unique, and always handmade gifts for our favorite woodworker.


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Some of these links below are affiliate links which means, at absolutely no extra cost to you, we will get a small percentage in commission from your purchase that will help keep this blog running. Please note: we will never post a gift that isn’t handmade and awesome (I thoroughly screen every one)! You can read our full disclaimer here.

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  1. A sweet leather apron – CyclonaDesigns, Victoria, Canada

    Nothing looks cooler than a sturdy leather apron. This one is custom made to order from a small business in Canada. Adjustable straps, useful pockets, and you’re able to personalize it with a name or logo. Get it right here from CyclonaDesigns. (Don’t forget to check out their other AWESOME leather works, too!)


2. A coffee mug any woodworker would find hilarious – perksandrecreation, Newtown, PA

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or Jack Daniels… everyone should have a mug that says something awesome about them. Get this one here.


3. A beautiful handcrafted woodworker’s bench brush – OxCartBroomandWood, Grand Marais, MN

I know it’s a brush, but this is beautiful (and SUPER handy). Every five minutes, Ian is brushing wood shavings out of his way. Get this brush here!


4. A stunning handmade wooden clipboard- EstatoeWoodworks, Burnsville, NC

A place to keep inventory, track orders, or manage receipts. This clipboard is made by a young woodworker in North Carolina. Get this gorgeous Black Walnut clipboard here!


5. A coat rack for the wood shop – SunsetMetalworks, Burlington, Iowa

Somewhere to hang that beautiful leather apron, perhaps? Love the design of this coat rack from SunsetMetalworks. You can get it here.


6. Funny woodworker hoodie- greentomatogifts

For those cold mornings in the shop, how about this awesome hoodie from greentomatogifts? You can order it here!


7. A gorgeous leather tool roll – HbarNCraftworks, Wisdom, Montana

This is perfect to hold chisels and bits and other small tools. Get this one here!


8. Funny unisex woodworker t-shirt – ChummyTees, San Francisco, CA

Amen to that! You can order this shirt in many colors and sizes. Get it here!


9. Woodworker Cuff Links – BjeweledVintage, Waterdown, Canada

What about when our woodworker likes to clean up? These simply designed cuff links are absolutely handsome. Get them here.


10. Wood Slice Woodworker Necklace – blockpartypress, Baltimore, MD

For those female woodworkers in our lives (or our guys who don’t mind a statement piece), I love the simple design of this wood slice necklace. It was handmade with polymer clay and then painted by blockpartypress in Maryland. Get it here.


11. Handcrafted Spiced Mahogany Soap – MtLebanonSoapCompany, Port Murray, NJ

All I need to say is – who doesn’t want to smell like Spiced Mahogany? ❤ ❤ ❤ Get this handcrafted soap here.


12. A personalized hammer – StampedByEm, Shadow Hills, CA

Personalize this hammer with a message for your woodworker so they know you support their awesome craft! Get this one here.

Don’t forget! Sign up over at Ebates to get your 1% cash back on Etsy or 2% cash back on Amazon Handmade! Sign up with this link and when you spend $25, you’ll get $10 on top of the cash back from your purchase! Even better, if Ebates finds a coupon code on the site you’re shopping on, it’ll apply it for you – getting you the best deal possible.

I hope this list points you in the direction of the perfect gift for your woodworker. It’s a really awesome thing to support a small business and gift an item with a real story. Remember – when you buy handmade, you buy something that was made with care and passion.

Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit


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