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12 Handmade Gifts for a Writer


12 Handmade Gifts for a Writer

We love giving unique handmade gifts to the people on our Christmas list. It supports small businesses and there’s nothing better than getting something totally unique and made with care, right? If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the writer in your life, we hope this list helps you out!

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Some of these links below are affiliate links which means, at absolutely no extra cost to you, we will get a small percentage in commission from your purchase that will help keep this blog running. Please note: we will never post a gift that isn’t handmade and awesome (I thoroughly screen every one)!

coffee_mug_gift_for_writer - Copy

  1. A coffee mug perfect for a writer – LovableGiftCo, Phoenix, AZ

    I love sitting down to write with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, more on that later!) This message is perfect. Tick me off and you know I’m crafting 57 scenarios of revenge! Get this awesome mug here!


2. An etched wine glass – PenEndeavors, Holland, Michigan

‘Write drunk, edit sober.” Am I right? If your writer lives by this motto, this awesome wine glass should do the trick! If they don’t drink wine, that’s fine. Who wouldn’t feel fancy sitting beer or liquor out of this thing? Get it here!

book_scented_candle1-gift_for_writer - Copy

3. An antique book scented candle – WertherandGray, Wilmington, DE

If your writer walks into an old library and swoons at the scent of old books, this is the candle for them! ‘Paper, vanilla, and leather’ will set the mood for any good writing sessions. Get this delicious candle here.


pillow_gift_for_writer - Copy

4. A comfy and supportive pillow sporting the very definition of writer – IDefineMeProject, Niagara Falls, NY

Writing is a long and tiresome task. Keep your writer comfy with a supportive pillow that not only protects their back, but reminds them that they’re truly an ‘artist of the written word. Get it here.




5. A desk organizer – BuildingHeroProject, Philadelphia, PA

I know I can’t write unless my desk is totally clear of clutter. Ask Ian. The tiniest piece of clutter on the surface- I freak out. Everyone could use a desk organizer! And by purchasing this one, you’ll be supporting an AWESOME program in Philadelphia : “The Project provides individuals ages 15 and up with innovative year-round training in design, collaboration, leadership, fabrication and entrepreneurship. Participants gain essential hands-on experience with digital, wood and soft goods fabrication while learning valuable design, prototyping, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. ” With Philly being my home town, I KNOW that a project like this is so needed to keep kids involved, educated, and off the streets. Get this desk organizer here.


writers_pencils_gift_for_writer - Copy

6. Custom pencils that express their love for writing – IceyDesigns, Dallas, TX

Nothing like a little encouragement from your pencil when you’re in the process of writing a difficult scene or facing a block. These are awesome. Get them here.



woodturned_pen_gift_for_Writer - Copy

7. A gorgeous hand-turned wood pen – JangulaWoodworks, West Fargo, ND

Nothing screams ‘I mean business” like a beautiful handcrafted wooden pen. Get this stylish pen here.


gift_for_writer_wall_art - Copy

8. Writer inspired wall art – SparksofLife, Kalamazoo, MI

Every writer I know is usually lost in the clouds at any given moment. Dreaming, plotting, and seeing things that I’m not picking up. They truly do create new worlds. Get this awesome instant download here!


correcting_grammar_tshirt_gift_for_writer_or_teacher - Copy

9. An honest writer’s T-shirt – YetiTees, Keswick, Canada

This is hilarious because it’s usually true. If your writer friend is constantly correcting your grammar, this would be an even more hilarious gift. Get it here!



10. Earrings perfectly fit for a writer – StoneburnerBooks – Milton, MA

Showcase their proper grammar with these awesome earrings. Get them here!


keychain_gift_for_writer - Copy

11. ‘Writing is my therapy’ key chain – BeautyinBaubles, Colorado Springs, CO

This is true for most writers. They write to get the voices in their head out onto paper. It’s calming, cathartic, and helps heal sometimes. Get it here!



12. Writing Prompts to help battle writer’s block – ThePaperScientist, Lancaster, UK

Every writer goes through bouts of writer’s block. These fun writing prompts help battle through and spark creativity. Get them here.




13. A beautiful wooden journal to write their stories in.

Get it here from our shop. Handcrafted and handbound in an unplugged wood shop right here in Mount Holly, NJ.


I hope this list points you in the direction of the perfect gift for your writer. It’s a really awesome thing to support a small business and gift an item with a real story. Remember – when you buy handmade, you buy something that was made from care and passion.

Have a great holiday season, all!

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit


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