12 Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That time of year that we forget until the last minute and then buy a crappy box of chocolate to make up for it- but not this year! We’ve scouted 12 unique and handmade gift ideas for your special someone.

Some of these links below are affiliate links which means, at absolutely no extra cost to you, we will get a small percentage in commission from your purchase that will help keep this blog running. Please note: we will never post a gift that isn’t handmade and awesome (I thoroughly screen every one)! You can read our full disclaimer here.

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Gifts for Him:

1. A Personalized Leather Wallet – BrambleandBeene, Whethersfield, CT

personalized leather wallet valentine's day gift for him

This shop is gorgeous and everything they sell is gorgeous. I chose this simple, thin leather wallet because, after years of sitting one ass cheek higher than the other, those thicker ones cause some serious back problems. Buy this painless wallet here.

2. A Wooden Beer Carrier – Ortega Beer and Stuff, Ensenada, Mexico

This shop’s work is really nice and the quality for the price is awesome! Such a cool gift to carry his favorite beers to a gathering. I love the chalkboard side to label what you’ve got in there without pulling out each bottle to read the label. And shipping is only $6.15! Get it here.

3. A stunning coffee/tea mug – RoselinePotter, Salt Lake, Utah


I’m in love with this mug. I think everyone should have their own personal coffee/tea mug. This is simple and masculine and so incredibly beautiful as is EVERYTHING else in this shop. Buy this one here.

4. Beard Oil – WildRoseHerbs, Grants Pass, Oregon


One thing I’ve learned about (most) men- they want to grow beards, but they don’t want to take care of them. They smell (and sometimes taste) like last night’s dinner, cigarettes, and other not-so-nice things. Here’s a sample kit of delicious smelling (and conditioning) beard oils. Get them here.

5. A beautiful wood turned shaving kit – AlmondBrookCrafts, Houston, TX


This spalted maple shaving kit is gorgeous! Whether you’re forcing your guy to get rid of his neck beard or he doesn’t like to grow a beard at all, you can’t go wrong with this. Buy it here.

6. A quirky Valentine’s Day card – KnottyCards, Charleston, SC


The cards from Knotty Cards are GENIUS! If this card doesn’t speak to you, definitely check out the rest of their selection. They’re hilarious (and a little knotty)! Get it here.

For Her:

1. Resin Flower Necklace Pendant – EightAcorns, Boston, MA


These floral pendants and rings from EightAcorns are absolutely stunning. I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for them – my engagement ring was a resin ring with moss, gold leaf, and flowers. It’s simple, elegant, and beautiful. Get it here.

2. Organic Bathbombs- Relaxcation, Florida

Most women love to relax in the bath with a book, a glass of wine, and one of these. This gift set of all natural, organic ingredient bath bombs is awesome. Get it here.

3. Personalized Wine Glass – OhDarlingDrinkware, Washington DC

personalized beauty and the beast wine glass

How about a personalized wine glass to awaken the Disney Princess in your woman? Or, if she’s like me and hates the princesses, this shop has awesome and hilarious alternatives. You have to check it out here.

4. Makeup Brush Roll – Jenuflection, London, UK


This makeup brush roll is absolutely beautiful. And if she’s not into makeup, it can be customized to fit pencils or paintbrushes. Get it here.

5. Mini Air Plant Containers – Redwood Stoneworks, California

It’s refreshing and energizing to have plants in the home and the easiest ones to keep are air plants. These adorable planters add a pop of style to any room. Get them here.

6. Moonstone Reiki Candle – willowmooncandles, Atco, NJ


Not only does this candle smell amazing (I’ve met this candlemaker and own many of her candles- she’s amazing), it’s got a little healing stone therapy to go along with it. Get it here.

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We hope this list points you in the direction of the perfect gift for your Valentine. It’s a really awesome thing to support a small business and gift an item with a real story. Remember – when you buy handmade, you buy something that was made from care and passion.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit


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