Organize Your Kitchen With These Handmade Products

There’s nothing I hate more than a cluttered, messy kitchen. Ask Ian and he’ll tell you – it literally sets off my anxiety if everything isn’t put back into its place after use. That makes this post is near and dear to my heart! I searched through Etsy and found some gorgeous handmade products to help organize your kitchen!

Unique Handmade Products To Help Organize Your Kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen With These Handmade Products - Kitchen Storage

Some of these links below are affiliate links which means, at absolutely no extra cost to you, we will get a small percentage in commission from your purchase that will help keep this blog running. Please note: we will never post a gift that isn’t handmade and awesome (I thoroughly screen every one)! You can read our full disclaimer here.

But first, shelving (and coffee).

I love the open shelving trend that’s going on lately. There’s something about being able to see what you’ve got available to you at all times. It also forces you to keep simplicity in mind – too many things would just be too crowded. You start to make your purchases with design and function in mind.

Open Kitchen Shelving - Wooden Shelves

Farmhouse floating shelves from DeliriousByDesign in St. Louis, MO.

These shelves are a simple design – perfect for a modern farmhouse kitchen. You have length options as well as a few options for stain. Order them here.

I also love the industrial style of these brackets.

coffee Sign and Mug Holder

Wooden coffee mug holder from ABWframes in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Clear up some of that shelf/cabinet space with a cute mug holder like this one! I also own this whale mug and it fills me with joy to see it displayed in the open instead of locked away in a cabinet! Get this mug rack here.

They also have a slimmer, vertical option.

Wood coffee pod holder

Bamboo coffee pod holder from FurtherFabrication in New Zealand.

I have never seen such a cool coffee pod holder until I came across Further Fabrication. Most people shove them in bowls or boxes, but it still always looks like a mess. This simple, under cabinet design could fit anywhere. Get it here.

Click here if you’re looking for a bolder design.

wooden Coffee Pod Storage

Wooden ‘But first, COFFEE’ pod storage from HighlandDesignCo in Norman, OK.

Here’s another American made option. It can be mounted on the wall and you have a lot of options for box and letter colors. Holds 30 pods. Get it here!

Here’s a cute “Rise & Grind” option!

Let’s talk about utensils.

No matter your style, you can find some gorgeous handmade utensil holders on Etsy.

Handmade Wooden Utensil Holder - Kitchen Storage

Wooden utensil holder from RoosterStudios in Beacon, NY.

These wooden utensil holders are probably going to find themselves in my kitchen soon. They come in a variety of sizes and wood options and are turned by Jennifer in a backyard barn with ‘discarded woods’ (which translates to absolutely stunning spalting and knots, you guys). Get them here.

She also makes this cool alternative to a knife block.

Concrete Utensil Holder - Minimal Style Kitchen

Concrete utensil holder from Culinarium in Scarborough, Maine.

I love the simple style of these concrete utensil holders. They would look gorgeous in any minimal style kitchen. These canisters are cast by hand and come in three color options (and even serve a multi-purpose as a wine chiller thanks to their excellent thermal properties). Get them here.

I also love their matching salt cellar!

Wooden Under Cabinet Utensil Storage

Under cabinet utensil storage from WoodenYouLoveThis in Vancouver, WA.

Yes, Etsy Seller, I ‘wood’ love this! I love the idea of clearing some drawer space (as most drawers are way too big for silverware anyway and you cram it full of extra crap). They give very clear directions on how to install this drawer as well as free ‘filler blocks’ if your cabinet happens to be recessed on the bottom. Get the drawer here.

They also make one for spices!

Handmade Ceramic Utensil Holder

Ceramic utensil holder from JasonWolffPottery in Blacklick, OH.

This gorgeous utensil holder is hand thrown and made to order just for you. Get it here.

Check out the matching spoon rest!

Now where should we put the flour?

No one wants open bags of flour or sugar sitting around. Measuring flour from a set of matching canisters brings back a lot of childhood memories from baking with my Nanny. They sure have come a long way from ceramic flowers and orange and brown mushrooms.

Handmade Concrete Canisters for Modern Kitchen Storage

Concrete canisters with black walnut lids from atelierCUT in Burlington, VT.

To match that minimal modern utensil holder, you have these simple concrete canisters. You have three color options and you can get them here.

Check out the matching salt cellar!

Hand Thrown Pottery Canisters

Hand Thrown Pottery Canisters from littleepottery in Austin, TX.

These hand thrown sets are made to order and you have a choice of size and quite a few different glaze colors. Get them here!

Emily also makes matching utensil holders!


Wooden spice rack with glass jars and labels from TheCottageLilac in Redding, CA.

This is honestly one of my favorite items on this list. Not only to you get the wooden rack, the glass jars, labels, and hardware are included! You provide the spice. Maybe I’m crazy, but I hate when my spices are in mismatched shakers (Ian confirms that I’m crazy). Keep them looking beautiful and organized in this gorgeous spice rack.

Even the little things can help your kitchen feel more organized.

I’m talking napkin holders, sponge caddies, and more. Give your kitchen a more cohesive feel with products both decorative and purposeful!

wire basket organizer - rustic vegetable basket

Rustic wire basket organizer from FirelightSupplyTrade in Rochester, NH.

This wire basket organizer is handy in a lot of different ways (guest towels in the bathroom, dog toys, in a kid’s bedroom), but I love it as a way to get all of those farmer’s market goodies off of the counter. You can get it here in natural wood or white.

Ceramic Sponge Holder

Ceramic sponge holder from littleepottery in Austin, TX.

Here’s another goodie from Little E Pottery. I love a decorative sponge holder to keep the sponge up off of the sink. Get this one here in a number of glaze color options.

stoneware sponge holder

Stoneware sponger holder from SawyerCeramics in San Diego, CA.

For those simple, minimal style kitchens, this stoneware sponge holder is an adorable addition to your kitchen sink. Once it gets dirty, just pop it in the dishwasher. Get it here.

I also love Jonathan’s French Butter Dish!

Sacred Geometry Pot Hanger Kitchen Storage

Sacred geometry hanging pot rack from MtMandalas in Santa Cruz, CA.

I thought this was a really neat alternative to the usual metal rectangle hanging pot racks. Use it to add another decorative element to your kitchen! Get it here.

Minimal Design Hanging Pot Rack

Minimal design hanging pot rack from WorkshopHoney in Lexington, KY.

I love the simple design of this double-bar hanging pot rack. You can choose from three different wood finish options and they will even create a custom size rack for you if needed. Get it here.

Also love their wooden salt and pepper shakers!

Plastic Shopping Bag Holder - Grocery Bag Holder

Shopping Bag Holder from SewNiceDesigns in Wake Forest, NC.

No kitchen is complete without the plastic bag full of plastic bags. You go shopping, they bag your stuff into a ton of plastic bags (unless you’re the awesome one who brings a ton of your own bags), and you don’t have the heart to throw them away. Those bags have so many uses! Why not store them in a more attractive manner? Get one of these adorable grocery bag holders here.

Napkin and Spice Holder - Kitchen Table Caddy

Wooden napkin and spice caddy from CustomSteelandWood in Springville, Utah.

This is super handy. Leave it in the middle of your kitchen table where the hot sauce, salt, pepper, and napkins can always be within reach. You get a ton of options for the color finish and you can also add an optional handle- perfect for carrying it outside on BBQ days! Get it here!

Last, but not least, we cannot forget the wine storage!

Rustic Wine Storage Rack

Rustic style wine storage rack from GreenmanRustics in Queensbury, NY.

I love decorative wine storage. This rack is handmade from reclaimed wood and holds up to ten bottles of wine and has space for 10 wine glasses. Choose your wood stain and personalize with your family name! Get it here.

They also offer smaller, 4-bottle options.

There are so many creative ways to organize your kitchen. When you buy from an artisan or maker, not only are you getting something unique and made with care and passion but you’re also supporting the dream, hard work, and dedication of an independent business owner. Thank you so much for shopping small!

Until next time,

Be kind and live purposely.

Bowtie and the Bandit



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