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About Bowtie and the Bandit…

We often get asked about our name and, while it sounds kind of silly, it’s actually our nicknames for each other. Ian and I met working in a warehouse together. He came in everyday wearing a button-up and bow tie (while the rest of us were in sweats and sneakers!). My nickname is from my hairstyle (dyed to look like Rogue from X-Men). Instead of calling me Rogue like everyone else, Ian chose to call me Bandito.


Ian – Mr. Bowtie

Ian is a mostly self-taught woodworker. He is a natural born creator and knows how to take an idea, find out everything he needs to know about it to make it work, create a plan of action, and execute it. He spends a good amount of time in his shop creating our beautiful books, our hand carved signs, and other custom projects.

Stephanie- Bandito

bandito travel roadtrip adventurer

Me? I’m a dreamer. I like to ignite the spark of inspiration in others (like hey, let’s build our house in a bus and travel the country while starting our own bookbinding business). I’ve spent the last ten years traveling the US, making new friends and exploring new places. I love to write, take pictures, and spend as much time as I can outside.

Together, we are Bowtie and the Bandit


When we met, Ian and I immediately bonded over our desire for a tiny house and simple life. I wanted to continue to travel but wanted a home base to call my own and, as a woodworker and creator, Ian wanted the satisfaction of building his own home. In October 2015, we purchased a retired ’91 International school bus that we have slowly begun to convert into our traveling tiny house.

This whole business started with one book. A small cedar wood covered notebook. Almost all of my life, I’ve had piles of copybooks and journals lying around my room with half finished story ideas and tales from my youth and travels.  Ian wanted to make me a journal that I would cherish – a blank canvas where I could explore my best ideas. I shared a photo of the small book on my Facebook and, within a week, we had four orders.

We realized soon after that creating these books and connecting with people brought us more joy and positivity than we have ever felt in our 9-5 jobs. This has quickly become our passion and we are so excited to share it with you.



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